Keeping up with the tax code in the United States can easily turn into a full-time job, especially since the IRS changes rules every year. Without the right preparation, you could pay more than your fair share and even run into costly fines and penalties. At VZ-CPA, you can expect to work with industry veterans, fully capable of properly managing all of your tax needs.

Tax Services We Offer

Business tax

When you own a business or manage a nonprofit organization, you can easily end up spending more time on tax planning than on actually running your organization. Our team can prepare your state and federal tax returns, help with your record keeping, guide you on structuring your organization, and prepare you for an audit if necessary.

Individual tax

At VZ-CPA, we go beyond the simple filing of your individual tax returns. Our team will stay in regular contact with you throughout the year so that you can make informed financial decisions that will benefit you come tax season.

International tax

The tax code has many extra challenges for foreign persons with ties to the United States and for U.S. persons operating abroad or otherwise engaging in international activity. Our team offers U.S. tax advisory and compliance services with respect to these matters to help satisfy your international tax needs. If you are a foreign national looking to invest in real estate visit "Buying a condo in Miami? " for some helpful resources.

Nonprofit tax

Maintaining nonprofit status isn’t easy. We will guide you through the extra regulations of setting up and running a nonprofit as well as prepare you for any compliance issues that come up with this special tax status.

Hedge funds and private equity

Hedge funds and private equity firms follow their own complicated set of tax rules and not every accounting firm can handle these industries. At VZ-CPA, we are up to the task and have extensive experience with both hedge funds and private equity firms. We can manage related compliance and reporting requirements while minimizing the tax burden for you and your investors.

Tax incentives and credits

Are you receiving all of the tax benefits that you are entitled to for your organization and investments? Most Americans are not. We specialize in helping taxpayers qualify for credits and incentive programs.