Assurance Support for Local and Multinational Logistics and Commerce Companies

VZ-CPA is keenly aware of the opportunities and challenges brought upon by a fast-growing imports and exports market. The plans put in motion by PortMiami are making the city’s already strong economic engine even more dynamic. Competition, new markets and geo-political changes are just a few of the factors accounting for the change.

The VZ-CPA team has years of experience in the logistics and commerce sector. We understand that you are tested by competition from around the globe. Maximizing efficiencies in cash flow, multinational tax strategies, technology, bank relations, assurance, tax advisory and financial statements are some of the areas where we can help you.

Today, companies in the logistics industry are smarter, more efficient and more competitive. They need experienced professionals; people who can help them find better, faster ways to gain an edge. We’ve helped start-ups serving local markets, mid-market companies with multiple locations, and multinational corporations alike. We bring experience with insight so you can gain efficiencies to help drive growth.

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