Business Consulting for Investors, Entrepreneurs and High-Net-Worth Individuals

When it comes to the business cycle, change is relentless—from fluctuating local economies and policies to shifts in national and international politics—and each series of factors makes uncertainty absolutely certain. How you plan and manage your business and finances to respond to change is important and can make a world of difference.

At VZ-CPA we are particularly adept at helping and guiding investors, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals make informed decisions within every type of economic climate. Our business advisory team helps in succession plans, business valuation, strategic financial planning, fraud investigation, business structure and due diligence.

Whether you are looking for guidance in a new venture, planning your next investment or planning a sound sustainable growth path, the VZ-CPA team can make it possible to gain valuable insight and trusted support. Click on this link to see Antonio Villamil, principal at the Washington Economics Group, speak about what we can expect for Miami in 2015.