Miami's Top CPA Firm

Every member of the VZ-CPA team—partners, principals, managing directors and accounting specialists—are dedicated professionals focused on helping you protect and grow your financial interests, whether personal or business. We are a multidisciplinary team always searching for professional growth, diverse talent and exceptional ways to deliver on our promise.

All of us at VZ-CPA commit wholeheartedly to being active in the greater Miami community, taking positions of leadership within non-profits, business organizations and our own industry’s regulatory bodies. As with all of our clients, we ask you to open your vision of what a CPA firm has to offer and hold us accountable to commitments we make. You can count on the integrity of our team and the experience we bring to the table.

Considered one of Miami’s Top CPA and Accounting firms

As one of South Florida’s top CPA firms, we value our reputation and the trust our customers place in us. Over the years, publications like the South Florida Business Journal and the South Florida Legal Guide have recognized us for being one of South Florida’s top CPA Firms. In addition, we are proud to say that we garner the respect of our industry peers, giving us leadership roles as in the case of our very own Betty Martin, CPA, who serves as president of the Cuban American CPA Association, a position that has also been held by Armando Vizcaino, CPA.

VZ-CPA Partners

  • Armando Vizcaino, CPA
  • Raymond J. Zomerfeld, CPA, CVA
  • Jorge R. Mesa, CPA
  • Beatriz Martin, CPA
  • Elena Mendez, CPA
  • Rosa Fernandez, CPA   
  • Cynthia Ow, CPA