Construction and Real Estate Businesses Advisory

Miami construction companies and developers work in complex environments—fluctuation in material costs and labor availability, non-resident investors, changes in building codes and maximizing operating income are just a few of your concerns. To help address these and many other construction and real estate intricacies, we’ve built a team with hands-on experience.

With VZ-CPA, you can expect senior-level involvement and a multidisciplinary team of advisors offering a proactive and holistic approach. We understand that in construction the details can greatly impact the profitability of a project and that no two projects are the same. This is why we’ll work closely with your firm’s financial team to establish smart strategies for tax deferral, cash flow management, cost allocation, tax compliance and tax preparation.

Help in Miami’s booming construction environment

In addition to assisting with planning and establishing systems and business deals, VZ-CPA can help with performance audits, ownership of real estate by foreigners, bankruptcy protection, state and succession planning, plus many other key real estate and construction services. We are part of Miami’s booming economy and we wish to help you grow along side of it.

Do you sell properties to foreign investors?

Watch our video Death Tax: Keeping Uncle Sam Out of Your Investment and let us help you protect your investment.