Asset Protection and Tax Planning

Every financial decision you make impacts your tax exposure. Investing time in smart asset protection strategies is good business sense; after all, you work hard for your money, why not take time to build strategies that help you keep as much of it as possible? At VZ-CPA, we work hard at helping you manage exposure, eliminate risk, and meet compliance concerns.

Asset protection and tax planning services we offer

International Tax Services
As you expand your global reach, we’re right there with you, guiding opportunities, managing exposure and minimizing risk. Plus, we leverage the strength of Geneva Group International, one of the world’s leading global networks of independent attorneys, accountants, auditors and consultants to support you.

Tax Preparation for U.S. Residents and Citizens Abroad
Relocating for an extended period of time or living abroad for business? We can help you stay within the rules, protect your assets and file your income in a timely manner.

Tax Preparation for Foreign Nationals
Don’t let lack of knowledge get you in trouble. Our team is well versed in helping foreign nationals prepare federal and state income tax returns. Investing in real estate? Watch our video Death Tax: Keeping Uncle Sam Out of Your Investment.