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Tax Season 2017

Navigating the Winds of Change: Tax Season 2017

Big legislative changes are on the horizon that could alter the future of taxation in the U.S. in 2017 and beyond.  However, this year’s tax season, covering your earnings in 2016, is very much in line with the status quo.  There are a few subtle changes this year, which should make filing your taxes more logical and user-friendly.

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The Intersection of Tax and Technology

The Intersection of Tax and Technology

In recent years, new websites and mobile apps have launched in the Internet technology sphere with unprecedented success.  At least three of the major online and mobile platforms, Uber, Airbnb, and GoFundMe, have tax implications.

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Panama Papers

Oversight and Insight into the Panama Papers

Taxes rarely dominate the headlines, and outside of April 15th, taxes are rarely “top of mind” in the U.S. unless there’s something truly newsworthy or controversial. The “Panama Papers” fit the bill, and the leak itself happened to be the perfect storm of tax planning, secrecy, investigative journalism, political intrigue, and controversy.

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Keeping Your Data Safe from Ransomware

Keeping Your Data Safe from Ransomware

Individuals and business owners alike face a new world of high stakes digital threats. Fraud is indeed on the rise, and ransomware is the latest player in the game. Keeping your data safe can make the difference between carrying on with business as usual or losing personally sensitive information, such as a Social Security number, and paying a hefty price to try to make amends.

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Nexus: Amazon's Next Frontier, also simply referred to as Amazon, is the face of the new “click-through” economy built on next-day delivery, free shipping, and low prices.  Amazon has managed to disrupt brick-and-mortar retailers ranging from Sears and Macy’s to Walgreen’s and CVS.  It also hasn’t been lost on buyers and sellers alike that Amazon has ushered in some large scale changes to the way states view their sales tax collection processes and interpret the concept of “nexus”.